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Data Analyst (Remote)

Preferable Location: Vancouver, Madison, Toronto, Montreal   |   Full Time

The Battle of Giants exists to answer a simple but important question: Will a company’s strategy lead to growth?

Why? We do this to help investors and corporate execs assess a company’s growth potential and ability to innovate. Critical to survival in this disruptive age. Our ultimate goal is to help organizations design effective strategies. But we can’t do that without first diagnosing how well a company is doing today: Use data to benchmark management performance. Does our mission align with yours?

What’s your role? As Data Analyst, you will help analyze and publish insights on different companies’ growth initiatives: How they compare to the competition, and what it means for their future. Taking on both analyst and story teller roles. It won’t be easy. You will perform much research, data cleaning, and writing. It requires good knowledge on economics, corporate strategy and of course, data analysis. But you won’t be alone. A team of data engineers, developers and fellow analysts will help you achieve your goals. The problems you’ll help the team solve include:

  • How can we best transform the data for analysis?

  • How can we improve the data features feeding the machine learning algorithm?

  • How can we best visualize and communicate the insight?

  • What are core elements of an investigative story and what’s irrelevant?

  • How can we make the insights we share more actionable for clients?

Toolkit? We don’t believe in hiring based on tools you have experience with. We’re much more interested in people who can find the root cause of a problem, and research/learn the best tool to help solve it. Does that sound like you? But to give you an idea... we currently use tools including Python/NLTK, SQL in Mode, Tableau, Trello, etc., but we are more than willing to drop them if you identify more effective toolkits.

What should you expect? This job is NOT for those who struggle with ambiguity, need guidance, and say yes without asking why. We seek a leader, not a follower. Someone not afraid to speak up and stand up for the right ideas. That’s because you will work directly with the founding team and help shape the long-term outlook for The Battle of Giants. Do you enjoy getting outside your comfort zone? Do you naturally question assumptions, investigate root cause of problems, and think outside the box?

What benefits are offered? We strongly believe in smelling the roses along the journey. It’s going to be a long and challenging journey. We thus offer supplemental health coverage, 4 weeks paid time off, unlimited sick days, and the opportunity to design your own workstation/computer setup. We also encourage you to take Friday to work on something different and think outside the box: Volunteer, create art, build something useful for the community.

What happens after you apply? We will shortlist candidates we believe will be most successful in this role, and send along a quick exercise as the next step. This helps you get a sense of the day to day work. And it also helps us understand how you think. There will be multiple ways to complete the exercise, so don’t worry about finding an ideal solution. Do what you would normally do, using the tools you’re familiar with. We just want to learn about you!

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